Getting a job = mission impossible

by miaab12

It has been 2 years since I last had a job.The last time I worked I was pregnant with my son, we had just moved out with my boyfriend and my worry was that I needed enough hours to apply for Maternity Leave. Life has change since then, my son is 25 months, I started College, the boyfriend and I got married.

I am almost done with my College, we are looking into buying some property but I need a job in order to make that dream a reality. Recently I have started applying for jobs such as cashier and sales associate, but my resume does not seem to catch the attention of any employer. I made some changes to the resume and nothing. I have written down on the resume all the skills I posses  as well as the program I am doing right now but it seems like is not good enough.

Right now I am in the quest of figuring out what I am doing wrong. I wonder is it might looks? or the Spanish accent? or my attitude is not right??. I seriously feel like Tom Cruise in those scenes when everything seems lost.