When the Blues become something else

As we all have heard a woman Miriam Carey was shot by police and she had suffered or was suffering from postpartum depression. I have never experienced postpartum depression but I definitely felt the blues after the birth of my son. I however have seen a few women in my family go through it.

When I turned on the TV yesterday afternoon and as the day went on I started to learn about Miriam Carey. A single mom, that work as a hygienist and suffered from postpartum depression. I started to wonder… Can postpartum depression be linked by not having a supportive system around you after giving birth? ( This can include partner, family or friends). When I had my son my husband helped me so much, the first few weeks he did the laundry, made me breakfast, swiped, mopped, took care of the baby so I can sleep and told me he loved me (after coming home from an 8 hour shift and taking the bus for 2 hours). I don’t know what I would have done without him… Then I thought about the people I know that have had postpartum depression and they all have one thing in common…. their immediate families treat it them really bad. There would be verbal abuse, they would not help with anything around the house, they had no money, they depended on their husbands for income, the older children were behaving horribly and the women were tired. Then I went to the Mayo Clinic to check what they said are the causes of postpartum depression. They are the following Physical changes, Emotional factors and Lifestyle influences (http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/postpartum-depression/DS00546/DSECTION=causes).  I am not a psychologist or psychiatrist but I do see a correlation between the people around you and the fine line that is going from having the blues to getting postpartum depression.

I truly admire all the women that go through birth alone (or with an abusive partner or family) and raise their kids alone  ( or with an abusive partner or family). 

May Miriam Carey rest in peace and may the Lord bless her little girl. 



Getting a job = mission impossible

It has been 2 years since I last had a job.The last time I worked I was pregnant with my son, we had just moved out with my boyfriend and my worry was that I needed enough hours to apply for Maternity Leave. Life has change since then, my son is 25 months, I started College, the boyfriend and I got married.

I am almost done with my College, we are looking into buying some property but I need a job in order to make that dream a reality. Recently I have started applying for jobs such as cashier and sales associate, but my resume does not seem to catch the attention of any employer. I made some changes to the resume and nothing. I have written down on the resume all the skills I posses  as well as the program I am doing right now but it seems like is not good enough.

Right now I am in the quest of figuring out what I am doing wrong. I wonder is it might looks? or the Spanish accent? or my attitude is not right??. I seriously feel like Tom Cruise in those scenes when everything seems lost.